As a Certified Potty Training Consultant, I find great joy in helping families solve all their wee little and big poop needs.

I work under the training of Jamie Glowacki, world-renowned potty training expert and author of the bestseller, "Oh Crap! Potty Training".

About me

Rebekah Atwater, B.S. Public Health Education

As a former preschool teacher, my understanding of child development, toddler behavior and psychology is vital to my work.  I have worked with young children for 18 years, including working as a preschool teacher (ages 2-5), toddler swim teacher, postpartum doula and certified lactation counselor.   I would love to help you in your potty-training journey!

potty training consultant

Check out the book!

My certification course instructor, Jamie Glowacki, wrote THE book on potty training, currently ranking in the top 13 parenting books on the market.  That's because her 6-step process works!  It's worked for tens of thousands of families, and I'm excited to work with you personally to implement her proven method.